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AgedTwitter-Gaf - Selling Aged 2010-2012 Twitter accounts

16. 1. 2020 6:14

HQ Twitter 2007 - 2019 Aged Accounts Starting from 1$
2017,2018,2019-1$ per account
2015,2016-4$ per account
2013,2014 - 5$ per account
2012 - 6$ per account
2011 - 7$ per account
2010 - 8$ per account
2009 - 10$ per account
2008 - 20$ per account ( limited stock)

The Accounts
Have zero or less than 50 followers.
Gender can be both male and female.
May or may not have profile pic and tweets.
I have full access to the accounts,
Accounts are delivered instant after paying.
My Contact Info

Email - congmmo@gmail . com

Discord : CongMMO#9766
Skype & Telegram : congmmo
ICQ : @652720497

Please don't PM here on this website , i rarely check it
For quick response contact me on discord or email.

Join my discord server to buy instantly - Link

Instant Buy from the below link
Buy link

Due to timezone difference it might take some time to get back to you. Please wait patiently.

I am verified seller here and have 100% positive feedback

Payments Methods Accepted- BTC, Paypal (additional transaction/miner fee )

Please don't waste my time if u r not serious.

All sales are final, once accounts delivered, no refunds
Twitter rules are becoming very strict everyday so I will not be held responsible for the suspension or banning of account in the near future.

I also sell accounts with followers, check my other threads.

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